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Meet our Team of experts, specialized in supporting implementation of a DATA DRIVEN DECISION-MAKING approach in enterprises all around the world. We devloped this approach by applying our expertise and scientific methods, and combine them with ADVANCED ANALITYCS tools for to help make your business decision making processes more effective. Our aim is to develop and implement solutions that bring operational excellence and bring strategic competitive advantages to our clients.

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What is the Data Driven Decision Making Approach all about?

Get all the answers to your questions you about our methodology and the basic information about the steps of our Data Analysis process.

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There is a wayto keep up with the pace of change!

At Syntegra
We build our partnerships on efficient collaboration and carefully crafted technological, analytical, and integrational decisions. We do this first by building customer’s Data strategy while supporting the changes they go through and educating the teams on Data science, Data Visualization and Decision-making processes. In addition to Data engineering, infrastructure planning, research and interpretation we also provide expertise on constructing Algorithms as well as valuable techniques of modelling and machine learning to identify and improve key business indicators. Finally, we enable our clients and partners to implement Data driven decision-making processes and connect these with other systems inside the company.

Need to analysea lot of data at once?

We have the solution.
Our mix of business expertise, scientific know-how and ultra-modern digital technologies produce what we call Data Driven Decision-Making processes. The aim is to help organizations manage and process vast amount of data in a short period of time while getting the right answers from it. By utilizing know-how and leveraging our services organizations can finally start to make the best choices in the shortest time.

Our Approach? Be Fast. Be Creative. Be Simple.

Organizing the data gathering platform, analizing the location and type of data storage, determination of relevant sources of data and frequency of data renewal;

based on deep expertise business analysis, searching for business insights, decision validation, selection and prioritization;

Efficient exploration of data by applying relevan algorithms, modelling, and data mining within well-defined scopes, data visualization;

Partner with Syntegra to seize all opportunities the new digital era presents and get on board with Data driven decision-making process today to transform your organization for tomorrow.

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How are data driven services impacting your business strategy?

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ANALISYS and Analitycs


Solving a problem like “Why are my sales numbers going down?” needs to start from understanding your business and your goals in order to define the problems you would like to solve. Next, we proceed with our 7 step approach, designed to provide the company with precisely the Data insights they need. The complex nature and impact of changes affect almost all departments and processes, require new expertise in technology, mathematics, data science, analytics, business management, strategy execution and change management. This is where Syntegra provides support with our team of experts and a proven track record of designing and develoing advanced business soulutions.

ADVANCED Analitycs

Syntegra`s approach to managing and supporting a customer’s Data driven intelligence System has the following components:

  • 1. Data engineering,
  • 2. Data analysis and
  • 3. Decision science.

Once this is done, the next important step in our process is to validate the right business insights for your organization so that the relevant teams are able to translate them into real business actions.

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What is Data Driven Decision Making?

Basic information about the steps
of our Data Analysis process.

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Guide to Data Driven Business Strategy

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