Empower your business with Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality advantage

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Review, reconstruct and present virtual projects in the physical context to make sure you get exactly what you want, and to create engaging holographic experiences.


Transport virtually yourself, your team or customers at any place or inaccessible spot you need to present or work at simply by gaze, voice or gesture.


Immerse yourself in the mixed reality workspace together with remote teams and customers to promptly find the final solution for any project you work on.


Optimize your existing space usage and goods storage with no costs and time wasting augmenting the real world with HoloLens life-size holograms.

Leverage the future of computing
for your business needs

HoloLens Virtual Tour

The perfect customer engagement with the cutting-edge solutions

Organize a virtual tour, present a holographic version of a real building with the ability to interact with all objects inside for your clients, or virtually access any place you need to work at with our virtual tour app based on HoloLens.

HoloLens Virtual Home Design

Ideal project visualization and effective communication is your key pillar in design

Our HoloLens app helps you to bring 3D models to the physical space as full-scale holograms, creating a single work environment for clients, designers, and on-site engineers, where they fully immersed in a 3D project to review and communicate.

 Warehouse Management Tool

Make impeccable warehousing decisions simply playing with holograms

With our HoloLens App you can review a virtual object actual size in a real warehouses space context without moving ponderous goods, and swiftly manage your warehousing spaces with no physical limitations.

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How our HoloLens Virtual Home Design App helps you win in the fast paced and innovative design industry?

With our HoloLens-based interactive app design and construction firms projecting the entire building of any size before it’s built, so designers and onsite engineers review and improve it together, and customers interact with their future building, being sure they get exactly what they want.

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How our Warehouse Management Tool enables the turning point in warehousing?

A modern warehouse is a small city, but with buildings and streets constantly relocating. Imagine the cost, time, and human resources savings, and storage planning capabilities your business would have, if you are able to review each replacing quickly and in advance, simply using real-shape and size holograms any moment you need.

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How our HoloLens Virtual Tour App helps you to stay on top of your industry?

You can virtually transport your team and clients at any place you need, present a real-size holographic version of any object, including a real building with everything inside, letting your audience to take a virtual tour and interact objects as they were inside the real building, and creating engaging holographic experiences. 

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