Skyline Sales Multiplier Can Help You Power Up your Sales with Machine Learning

Learn how you can help your sales reps do whatever is needed to retain customers, grow the business with existing customers and find new sales opportunities.

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Achieve a more focused sales capacity and build stronger bonds with your customers with SKYLINE SALES MULTIPLIER - The smart sales tool that grows your business.

Highly effective sales managers are masters in following up with leads and keeping on top of every customer interaction. However, reality is that closing sales and retaining customers over time is tough if your teams aren’t equipped with the right technology and tools that help them become better at what they do.

If you want to ensure your sales people are following up with productive leads and reduce your churn rates, it’s critical to provide them with better data insights that helps them focus on the right actions and manage your sales retention activities.

Join [speaker’s name and title] on an interactive webinar that will present you how SKYLINE SALES MULTIPLIER gives you a complete and intuitive ecosystem of triggers, actions, customer data and automated follow ups to make your growth plans happen.

New business



Machine learning

KPI reporting


The only 3 directions you can grow

Keep customers, grow your business with existing customers and find new opportunities.

Our Machine Learning component for sales is based on a 'no way out' principle for your salesforce - so that your account managers do whatever is needed to make sure all of the above happens and they prioritize their sales activities every day.

We've also introduced an elusive model that predicts churn to help you identify risk customers - for example, what customers are most likely to churn within 2 months - and manage your sales retention activities in a more optimized, automated way.

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Machine Learning Technology at your Salespeople's Fingertips

SKYLINE SALES MULTIPLIER is a Machine Learning based tool that helps you identify customers that are likely to churn (85% accuracy), define better follow up actions and automation for offers, get weekly stats and sales action points based on complex algorithms – all wrapped on easy to read data.


On acquiring new customers through assigning leads on a weekly basis.


Cross-sell opportunities and customers who did not do business for a certain amount of days.


On important changes in customer values.


Offered to be successful in management or salesforce.

A tool that grows your business.

  • No way out principle for your salesforce
  • Elusive model that predicts churn
  • Sales retention management
  • Leads and customers mapping
  • Follow up automation
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