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When you extend the global reach of your enterprise, you’ll find new markets for your products and services. That means reaching more potential customers, bigger growth potential, and higher ROI. But to tap into those emerging markets, you need to provide the best, most consistent user experience. Now, it’s possible for you to build, deploy, and manage modern apps at scale with a globally-distributed database—without the hassles associated with hosting in your data center.

Read the e-book Build Modern Apps with Big Data at a Global Scale and learn how Azure Cosmos DB, a globally-distributed turnkey database service, is transforming the world of modern data management.

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Data has become the strategic asset used to transform businesses to uncover new insights. Traditionally, data has been gathered in an enterprise data warehouse where it serves as the central version of the truth. However, the world of data is rapidly evolving in ways that are transforming the industry and motivating enterprises to consider new approaches of gaining insights. Beyond the traditional sources from transactional systems, ERP, CRM, and LOB applications, new types of data sources are driving analytics that are transformative to the business.